Essence Volume Booster Lash Primer Mascara Review

Essence | Volume Booster Lash Primer Mascara

Prepare your lashes for mascara with Essence Lash Primer Mascara . It is the perfect partner to your favorite mascara.

This volume booster lash primer mascara instantly boosts any lash with its arable formula.

This mascara primer gives a healthy dose of volume that won’t mess with your mascara formula.

Essence Volume Booster Lash Primer Mascara

How it Works:

  • It’s infused with acai oil and mango butter for nurtured and conditioned lashes.
  • This primer not only volumizes your lashes but also creates a moisturizing shield around each lash.
  • The formula of this product holds your lashes tightly to protect from damage.
  • Apply the primer one coat for a casual look or multiple for a more dramatic lash look.


  • Makes your lashes long and more voluminous.
  • Creates a sleek, smooth foundation.
  • Conditions and nourishes your lashes.
  • Lengthen your lashes so they appear long and lush.


  • May get clumpy upon heavy application.
  • Some found that the formula is slightly thick.

Result: 4.4 out of 5

Essence Volume Booster Lash Primer Mascara is effective. The buildable formula of this product will instantly make your lashes look several times thicker than they naturally do.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s)

Q: Does it help keep the mascara from smudging?
Ans: Yes, it’s amazing. Don’t let it dry before you put your mascara on. You will need a makeup remover to get it off at the end of the day.

Q: How many coats of primer have to be done before applying the mascara?
Ans: Everyday I wear just one coat. Special occasions 2 coats. Let dry about 20 to 30 seconds between coats and mascara. Great primer!

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