How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Month: 11 Easy Ways

how to lose 10 pounds in a month

If you have been putting off the weight loss goal with the excuse that it is too hard to execute, take heart. There are simple changes that one can do in their daily lives which can help step up the metabolism and natural fat burning process. These small changes, practiced daily, along with a moderate amount of exercise and diet management, can lead to appreciable differences in body weight and more importantly, in helping one to feel more fit and healthy.

How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Month: 11 Easy Ways

1. Avoid Mobiles at Night

avoid mobile phone for weight loss

You might wonder how this can affect your weight loss goals but it is linked to helping one stay healthy, especially when it comes to sleep patterns. Looking at the mobile screen can affect sleep quality; it is important to avoid usage of mobiles before sleeping and instead, one should read a book or listen to soothing music to bolster sleep. Adequate hours of rest are important to boost metabolism and fat burning in one’s system.

2. Turn off TV

turn off tv while weight loss

Turning off the TV and giving your eyes rest, either with a book or simply relaxing with music or conversation is ideal before going to sleep. Excess TV watching, especially at night, can interfere with sleep patterns and affect our metabolism as well.

3. Wake Up Early 5 AM

wake up early 5 am for weight loss

Sleeping early and waking up early are ways to tune your body’s metabolism to perform better. Try getting up early which in turn will set your bodily functions on the right path. Ensure a healthy breakfast within an hour or two of waking and you can also get your morning dose of exercise in the early hours of the day. Such activities and habits have a beneficial effect on the fat burning process in our body and circulation as well.

4. Drink More Water

drink more water for weight loss

Flushing toxins from the body are best done by drinking water. The more water consumed, it helps to flush out toxins and this, in turn, boosts energy levels, making it easier for one to stick to activity goals that one set for weight loss and for staying fit.

5. Avoid Long Sitting

avoid long sitting for weight loss

If you have a desk job, there can be several ways to make it a healthy one. The first step is to avoid sitting for long hours except when required, such as when one is attending a meeting or is in a conference or training program. Take regular breaks to stretch, take a walk; get a drink of water, a breath of fresh air before you get back to work.

6. Avoid Elevator Use Steps

use steps for weight loss

Even if you miss out on strenuous exercises or the gym on certain days, there are ways to stay active and keeping the body weight in check. If you stay a few floors above the basement or your office is on the first or second floor, it is best to take the stairs and avoid elevators for going up or down. Walking up and down the stairs several times in a day is an effective way to keep off excess body fat and aerobic levels high in one’s system.

7. Eat 500-1000 Cal a Day

1000 calories a day for weight loss

Ensure that your food intake through the day does not exceed 1000 calories in a day. If you have an active lifestyle, including high protein and complex carbohydrate items in your diet. Such food items help one to feel fuller and smaller quantities are sufficient for one to feel full.

8. Avoid High Calorie  Foods

high calorie foods to avoid for weight loss

Even if one is eating outside, at dinners or at restaurants, one can make healthy choices and avoid food items that are high in calories. If you have a choice of salads and fruits as well as lean meat dishes, these are better options that are healthier than fried items or preparations that are high in calories.

9. Exercise More at Least One Hour

Exercise More at Least One Hour

Staying active for a longer period of time is the key to keeping off excess body fat. Ensure that your active exercise regime lasts for an hour; this should ideally include a combination of stretches, aerobic and strength training exercises.

10. Try Intermittent Fasting

intermittent fasting to lose weight

Fasting intermittently or keeping dinners light and low on calories is a good way to manage body weight. Metabolism rates are high in the morning so a full breakfast can keep one going for long; this can be combined with a light meal during the day and end with a health drink at night.

11. Monitor Results

Monitor Results

It is important to check body weight at the end of each week to ensure that one is making progress on their weight loss target.

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