Is Overnight Oiling Good for Hair?

Is Overnight Oiling Good for Hair

Oiling the hair is an important step in the hair care routine. But some people believe that oiling it overnight has better results on hair growth. Though hair oils are crucial, the amount of oil used doesn’t have any effect on the quality of hair. Nutritional deficiencies can lead to hair loss. Applying a moderate amount of good hair oil can give the best results. Let us see more on the effect of overnight oiling.

Impact of Overnight Oiling on Hair

Leaving hair oil overnight can cause skin issues for those having oily and sensitive skin. This is because, the oil will get in contact with the pillow and come in contact with the facial skin, leading to issues.

To avoid this, apply a few spoons of warm oil to the roots and then massage the scalp. The oil will seep into the follicles and warm oil will help in blood circulation too.

Too much oil needs to be avoided since for getting rid of it, a lot of shampoos will be needed, which is not good too.

The Right Way of Oiling The Hair

Right Way of Oiling The Hair

Warm oil needs to be massaged into the hair and left for 30-60 minutes. It can also be left for 3-4 hrs based on personal preference. Then, this can be washed thoroughly using shampoo. It is better to comb and detangle the hair before the oil massage.

There is a concentrated dose of nutrients in good hair oils like shea lipids, coconut oil, olive oil, macadamia oil, almond oil. So they can repair, strengthen, nourish and protect the hair from within.

Avoid tying the hair as the cuticles open up and increase the chances of hair loss. Those having an oily scalp or acne on the forehead should avoid oiling.

It is not overnight oiling but the quality of oil and the massage that works. In case you don’t have any skin issues, leaving them overnight is not harmful though. So warm the oil used for massaging regularly, can show the best results.

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