Is Tresemmé Good For Your Hair?

is tresemme good for your hair

Tresemme is an American brand producing haircare products in luxury packages. Its products include hair sprays, conditioners, shampoos, hair mousse and other products for hair treatment. There are different ingredients which determine if the product is good for hair or not. Read on to know more.

Tresemmé Good For Your Hair

Tresemmé Shampoo: Is It Harmful?

TRESemmé shampoo has various chemical ingredients such as sodium lauryl or lauryl sulfate and Cocamidopropyl betaine. These strip off the natural oils from the hair and scalp, leading to various hair issues such as breakage and dryness.

Regarding the claim that they made of being beneficial to your hair, the fact is that they just cover up the damage done by the chemical ingredients. Shampoos can cause an allergic reaction when used on regular basis. This can be in the form of redness and irritation or blisters on the scalp, forehead, neck, eyelids and even the ears.

If you notice dandruff or hair loss by using the shampoo, it implies that an allergic reaction might soon occurring.

Tresemmé Conditioner: Is It Harmful?

This is not good for the hair because of chemical ingredients, especially DMDM Hydantoin, which is a preservative and anti-microbial agent. DMDM releases small amounts of formaldehyde over time to ensure that mould and bacteria don’t develop in the product.

How To Choose A Hair Care Product Brand?

Avoid shampoo and conditioner with the following ingredients when you want to avoid long-term damage to your hair:

1. Sulfate: It is a foaming agent in shampoo that strips off the moisture, oil, and color of hair, making it dry, and flaky causing irritation. They are carcinogenic and can damage the kidneys besides disrupting hormones in the body.

2Paraben: It is a preservative for prolonging the shelf life of the product and can cause hormonal imbalance, harm reproductive health, cause neurotoxicity and skin irritation.

3. Polyethylene Glycols: It is a thickening agent made using petroleum and other byproducts. The moisture of hair is stripped off by it and leads to breakage. Being a developmental toxicant, it can disrupt human behavior development and cause various types of cancer.

4. Triclosan: It is an antibacterial preservative that is carcinogenic and causes issues like weight loss or gain, depression, harm to the foetus, infertility, and immune system issues.

5Formaldehyde: It is another carcinogenic ingredient that can be absorbed by the scalp and even released into the air over time. The harmful effects include asthma, cancer, and toxicity.

6. Colors and fragrances: The fragrance is just a deceiving name for chemicals which lead to hair loss, irritation, asthma, infertility and even cancer. Similarly, the synthetic colors are derived from coal tar and petroleum which are known to cause various health issues.

7. Dimethicone: It is a type of silicone having two methyl groups attached to it and makes the hair soft and smooth. But in the long run, it dries up the roots and irritates the scalp.

8. Retinyl Palmitate: This chemical leads to skin issues such as itching, burning redness, scaling and peeling. It is also linked to toxicity, cancer and reproductive issues.

TRESemmé hair care brand is not recommended, especially if you have curly hair as it can damage the natural hair texture. Check for the brands devoid of the chemicals listed above to have a better experience in the long term.

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