What Happens If You Put Onions in Your Socks While You Sleep

what happens when you put cut up onions in your socks while you sleep

Most of the persons cannot bear up the onion due of its strong smell that makes you cry. But you know onion is much beneficial for our health. It helps to improve digestion properly, it promotes appetite and also prevent lung disease along with onion is the best to lessen your fever and cures flu and cough. One of the amazing and very astonishing process that you can try with onion that can be put into the socks before going to bed that helps to protect you from cold and reduces sneeze immediately.

How onions helps to treat cold & flu?

The specialists explain about the great use of onions that treat cold and flu easily by inserting the onions into your socks. Talpa deals with more than 7,000 nerve finishes that is communicated to numerous of organs presented in our body. We know well that promoting these entire nerve systems has effective result on our health.

Onions are exactly used both white and red layers while the cut onion suppressed by foot in tight sock. You need to take into concern so, that the sock will keep your tarnish and whiff of onions that cannot be diminished after washing first time.

To get good result do this thing as when you go for sleep then keep your feet upper than your body that helps in this use a pillow or a blanket that is turned. Thus, onions provide lots of benefits during cold and also beneficial for teeth, treat bladder infections. Onions contain important elements of antibacterial properties that are used to treat numerous health and skin conditions.

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