Can I Strip Relaxer From My Hair?

Can I Strip Relaxer From My Hair

It has been a hair trend for a long time now that people change their hair texture. The change is usually temporary or for a more extended period to get a change in their look. People with curly hair or wavy hair want to get a straight texture, whereas people with straight hair change it temporarily to a curly texture.

The process of changing the hair texture involves a lot of chemical processing, the use of various products, and the application of various hair tools. One such product used for straightening hair is a relaxer.

Let us know more about the process and role of the relaxer and also discuss one of the most common questions asked, “Can I strip a relaxer from my hair?”

Hair relaxer is one of the products used in the procedure of changing the texture of the hair from curly to straight (1). It is commonly used for the curls in afro hair. Usually, this product comes in the form of cream or lotions.

Hair relaxers work by loosening curls and altering the hair texture using certain chemicals. These chemicals break down the curls in the hair strands and make them straight.

Besides changing hair texture, hair relaxers also give you freedom from damage that occurs by applying heat styling tools for hair straightening. It is a boon for those with tight and unmanageable curls as it loses the curls, makes strands straight, and thus eases managing them.

How Does a Relaxer Work?

How Does a Relaxer Work

To understand if you can strip a relaxer for hair, first it is important to know how a relaxer works.

Hair relaxing service is best received in a salon. Different salons might use different hair relaxing kits but the procedure for each of them is almost the same. While you go to a salon for getting a permanent straightening in your hair, the first preparation would be about relaxing the hair.

The hair is treated using the relaxer cream and is allowed to process for some time. In the process, the relaxer breaks the link between the hair bonds. Simultaneously, the hair is made straight using a hair straightening tool and then rinsed.After rinsing the hair professional uses a neutralizer in the hair followed by conditioner for the nourishment of the hair.

The curly hair needs a touch up every 6-8 weeks because they start coiling up slowly making the hair length short.

Beside hair straightening, relaxers also offer another benefit which is escaping the need of stretching the hair. The relaxed permanently straightened hair also saves a lot of time and energy in detangling and styling the curls every day.

Can a Relaxer Be Stripped from the Hair?

Can a Relaxer Be Stripped from the Hair

Hair relaxer breaks down the bond in the hair and changes its natural texture. Unfortunately, it cannot be stripped from the hair once it has been applied. Other than that, there are two options that can be used to remove the relaxer. These options are-

  • Wait for your hair to grow out
  • Chop off the hair that has relaxer remained in it

While the former option will have long waiting periods, the latter is an instant solution. So, if you want to strip a relaxer from your hair, you have to cut your hair to get rid of it. However, we believe if you have got a relaxer, enjoy the straight hair for the time as gradually the effect of the relaxer will wear off.


Using a good hair relaxer can improve the quality of the hair while also straightening them. Straight hair is fuss-free and very easy going. Detangling or combing is not a time taking practice for a person with straight hair. It is advisable to get a hair relaxing service in a salon that has good reviews about their hair straightening services. Using a relaxer requires expertise and doing it at home will help give you the desired results.

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