Which Hairstyles Suit You Very Well On All Occasions Dread Or Braid

dreads vs braids

Most people consider that dreads and braids are the same hairstyles. You might be one of them. Dreads are created through “braiding” hair together. Although it looks like same in appearance, dreads and braids are two distinct hairstyles with their individual characteristics. If you want to know the differences between dreads and braids styles, then this blog gives you a complete guide

Hairstyles Suit You Very Well On All Occasions Dread Or Braid

What Is Meant By Dread?

Locked hair’s cylindrical sections are called Dreads. Dreads can be easily styled in a variety of ways such as Buns, ponytails, or braids. Dreads hairstyle is famous in more cultures. If you like to get a dread hairstyle, you have to wait for weeks or months to make the pattern.

What Is Meant By Braids?

A braid is a structure created by dividing the hair into two or more sections and weaving them one after the other. The most famous braiding types consist of Dutch braiding, French braiding, twist braiding, three-strand braiding, four-strand braiding, etc.,

Know The Difference Between The Dreads And Braids

Hoping that, you may understand somewhat about dreads and braids. Now you will come to know the differences between dreads and braids as follows

Hairstyle Appearance: Dreads and Braid’s pattern are looking the same, but it has unique characteristics. The braids normally have a zigzag pattern, and it is appearing like a uniform shape from hair root to tip. Another side, Dreads is appearing like more active. This hairstyle can be used in the stage of childish, teenage, etc.

Time For Installation: Time is one of the vital causes to differentiate between Dreads and Braids. You can complete the braids on your whole head very faster, in less than two hours. But dreads will be taking a minimum of 3 to 6 hours. Both hairstyles time consumption may vary depending upon the hair length, and the nature of the hair. Most of the time, longer hair will consume more time for installation.

Maintenance Of Hairstyle: You will generally note that both dreads and braids take minimal time for maintenance. Except for hair washing and conditioning, nothing else needs to be done. if you want to transform your new hair into braids, it’s something that can be done in just a few minutes. Dread used to provide a complete and more finished appearance than a braids hairstyle. Dreads hairstyle is a famous choice among men and women who want to distinguish themselves from others.

Hair Length: If you want to make a braid, you don’t require maintaining a lot of hair. You can braid easily if you only have enough hair to twist and hold. On the other hand, if you have short hair, dreads are very hard to do, more expensive, and require frequent maintenance. Short hair tends to unravel constantly in the early stages. It needs at least 4-6 inches of hair.


As you know well about dreads, let’s view some pros and cons of dreads.


  • In dreads, you don’t feel about knots, tangles, or painful detangles.
  • If you begin accepting the locking process from the starting stage, you’ll accept it without worrying about your hair even when it’s not looking its best.
  • Dreads don’t require any sort of care and you don’t need to rinse them frequently.
  • If you do minimal manipulation, dreads give space to improve thrives and grows your hair.


  • Due to dreads, you may face the consequences of unnecessary and unwarranted comments, and you have to manage prejudices and misconceptions.
  • You can’t always wash your hair, fur, lint, and other types of dirt can get stuck on your scalp and cause your scalp to itch.
  • You may need a little more time for them to grow longer. If you don’t have long hair, it’s hard to turn it into locks. So, you may have to wait a while to have long dreads.

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If you have a plan to do your hair in a braids hairstyle, then look out for the pros and cons of braids which will help greatly to discover more about braids.


  • Braids safeguard your hair ends from manipulation, sun exposure, and other outdoor elements.
  • You can select from an extensive array of your favorite fun braided hairstyles.
  • They are pro-black expressions.


  • If you keep the braids hairstyle too tighter and leave it for more than 2 months, it may reduce the quality of your hair and causes too thinner and increase hair breakage. They can make hard on your hair edges and can scar the scalp.
  • A few extended braid hairstyles make you feel heavy and create uncomfortableness to wear.

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