11 Foods to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight Fast

foods to avoid for weight loss

We are what we eat. And, it is only logical to first revise our food habits before aiming to lose weight or change to a healthy lifestyle. It is not only about how much we eat, but also about what we eat when we eat, and how often we eat in a day. The source and ingredients matter when our habits are strictly consistent and narrow.

11 Foods to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight Fast

1. French Fries

French Fries

The healthiest of the foods eaten by the US is about 30 pounds per person per year. It is made of oil and the nutrients of potatoes almost gone. Secondly, potato utilization from frozen French fries has increased steeply from 2001 to 2017. They are bad with cholesterol and unsaturated fats. Also, the type of oil used makes a lot of things worse.

2. White Bread

White Bread

These are 0% Cholesterol but high in Sodium and Potassium. And, about 100gms can give you over 250 calories. Thus, compared to yogurt, it is 5 times more. Reducing the consumption of white bread for multi-grain is a better choice. A diet high in sodium must always be avoided as much as possible.

3. Pastries, Cookies, and Cakes

Pastries,cookies & cakes

Here are some of the food items with very high sugar content and calories. It takes a whole lot of exercise to burn them, so less is always better. The calories from fat alone are 50% of the food in a single serving of 100gms.

4. Beer


A typical 100gms offer 43 calories. The oldest and most consumed alcoholic drink comes next to only water and tea. It is high in Potassium and very less of any Vitamins. It can stronger the beer, the higher the calories. So, taking a note may be worthwhile for your weight loss regime.

5. Pizza


A single serving of 100gms has over 270 calories. This is a regular crust pizza. These days you have cheesy and super-cheesy crusts which increase the count even more. With very high saturated fat and sodium content, this must also be kept on a check, if you wish to lose weight. It also boosts cholesterol levels by 17mgs in every 100gm portion. So, avoid unhealthy ways like extra meat, cheese, oil, and so on. Load with veggies and enjoy.

6. White Rice

White Rice

This is rich in carbohydrates and offers 130 calories in 100gms. It is also the staple diet of millions in Asia. With up to 28gm carbohydrate and 12gm protein, it is a supplemental food. But, eating a lot can also lead to obese and fat storage. If you don’t have strenuous physical labor like farming etc. keep it less.

7. Sweetened Yogurt

Sweetened Yogurt

When it comes to this food, a lot of places, people add sugar as per taste later to fresh curd. With very little protein and carbs, they also have health benefits but also is bad when taken in an unhealthy manner. Fat-free yogurt is a good choice instead. Yogurt, in general, has less sodium, sugar and fat, which is good. For example, Greek yogurt or cottage cheese are really good before going to bed.

8. Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Another major source of sugar and fat is ice cream. This is also one of the most consumed desserts in the US. A single scoop of vanilla of 100gms gives you 207 calories. Now, if you can run to burn that every time you eat, it is great. But, if you don’t take better care and limit it as much as possible.

9. Candy Bars

Candy Bars

Candies are also considered unhealthy because of any nutritional value to their ingredients. In contrast to all the other food items mentioned above, a single portion of 100gms of candy bar has over 500 calories. It has 42 gms of sugar, which is 50% of the serving itself. This can be really painful when you try to burn all the calories, and exercise is going to work only when you cut down on this completely.

10. Frozen Meals

Frozen Meals

The biggest concern in all the above food items is their high concentration of sodium content. While for weight loss, you should target them with less, frozen foods can be unhealthy. If they have less fat and sugar and high in protein and fiber, they should be good. So, do check the back of the packaging to learn more when you purchase.

11. Juices


Fresh fruits are good for health, but an unhealthy way of adding sugar to them should be avoided. They make it bad for the calories and also blood sugar levels. Avoid thick shakes that add lots of milk, yogurt, sugar, and even things like caramel and so on. Make a habit of drinking fresh fruit juices made at home. Or, even a fruit bowl once a day is great for the body.

When targeting weight loss your main enemies are sugar, cholesterol, fat, and sodium. These are primary. They mean high calories too. A diet with the lower end of these items should be adopted for weight loss.

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