25 Low Carb Weight Loss Recipes

So it is that time of the year, where you have in mind a look you would want to flaunt for the New Year’s eve party, but are not quite sure how to go about it. You have tried exercising, but it is not helping enough. Well if that’s the case, then we have her something awesome for all of you losing your mind on this rather than losing your weight. We have some lip smacking easy to cook, 25 low carb diets that will cut down on that carb intake of yours and help you lose those extra ounces with ease. So have a look at the awesome and enjoy every bite. Check them out!

1. Oven Baked Chicken:

oven baked chicken

Satiate your craving for chicken by having a tender and moist oven baked chicken with a crunchy layer on the outside. This has definitely lower carbs and calories when compared to your other chicken dishes.
Calories – 335 per serving
Carbs – 11.1 grams per serving

2. Baked Potato Soup:

baked potato soup

Replace your starch filled potato soup with a cauliflower soup and instead add some baked potatoes as a topping. Quite a delicious and low carb diet which you would definitely love.
Calories – 185 per serving
Carbs – 24.9 grams per serving

3. Roasted Brussels And Sprouts Chips:

roasted brussels and sprouts chips

The nest time you have a longing for carb filled potato chips, we suggest you have a bowl of roasted brussels and sprouts chips. You just need 10 minutes to make this tasty snack.
Calories – 50 per serving
Carbs – 4 grams per serving

4. Avocado And Sunflower Seeds:

avocado and sunflower seeds

This low carb avocado and sunflower seeds dish will give you a healthy dose of vitamins E and K, potassium and fiber.
Calories – 208 per serving
Carbs – 10 grams per serving

5. Chips Made Of Seaweed:

chips made of seaweed

Carry a box of this healthy snack with you so that you can keep munching on it as and when you want. A bowl of seven seaweed chips will not only provide you with loads of vitamin A and nutrients but will also take care of your hunger pangs.
Calories – 42 per serving
Carbs – 2.5 grams per serving

6. Coconut Shrimp – Baked:

coconut shrimp baked

Give your deep fryer a rest and heat that oven up to make some yummy baked coconut shrimp which will be loaded with proteins. This healthy dish can be your star entree dish.

Calories – 214 per serving
Carbs – 12.6 grams per serving

7. Greek Salad Bites:

greek salad bites

Make sure you make space for a number of salads in your low carb diet as they are not only healthy but also easy to prepare. To make them more interesting, you can have them served on a toothpick. All you need is some fresh fruits and vegetables.
Calories – 110 per serving
Carbs – 3 grams per serving

8. Strawberry Fruit Leather:

Strawberry Fruit Leather

Following a low carb diet does not mean that you cannot indulge in something sweet. Make a batch of strawberry fruit leather and carry it around with you. Because of the strawberry’s natural sweetness, you don’t have to worry about adding additional sugar.
Calories – 15 per serving
Carbs – 3.7 grams per serving

9. Stuffed Peppers In Italian Style:

stuffed peppers in italian style

Get some tomatoes, basil leaves and your choice of meat; make a stuffing and put in inside bell peppers. This comfort food will go a long way in maintaining your low carb diet.
Calories – 285 per serving
Carbs – 7 grams per serving

10. Raw Collard Green Wraps:

raw collard green wraps

If you love experimenting with your food, then this would be a good try. Make a filling of some spices, tamari and ground walnuts and instead of stuffing it between two slices of bread, wrap it all in collard green leaves.
Calories – 275 per serving
Carbs – 7.3 grams per serving

11. Meatballs:


Ditch those breadcrumbs and make some healthy pale o-friendly meatballs which are not only rich in proteins and nutrients but are also gluten-free. You can also prepare and freeze those meatballs and have them when the mood strikes.
Calories – 244 per serving
Carbs – 2.9 grams per serving

12. Bacon And Brussels:

bacon and brussels

Have a party at home but want to stick to your low carb diet? Here is an easy peasy appetizer that you can munch on and the best part is that this bacon and Brussels sprout will hardly take any time to prepare. Put them on a skewer and you are all set.
Calories – 151 per serving
Carbs – 3 grams per serving

13. Kale Chips:

kale chips

Here is another dish that you can try out when the potato chips craving hits you hard. With the benefits of iron, calcium, vitamins A and C, baked kale chips are absolutely delicious.
Calories – 117 per serving
Carbs – 11.4 grams per serving

14. Roasted Edamame:

roasted edamame

Edamame are young soybeans still in their pods which make a great snack when roasted. It is good to have when you are craving for a salty snack and it is also great at increasing your protein levels.
Calories – 153 per serving
Carbs – 10.5 grams per serving

15. Vegetable And Beef Stew:

vegetable and beef stew

Have a bowl of hot vegetable and beef stew and drive those rainy, gloomy days away! Your low carb diet will benefit with this amazing dish as it is filled with fresh vegetables, herbs and protein-rich beef.
Calories – 265 per serving
Carbs – 25.1 grams per serving

16. Spaghetti And Roasted Shrimp:

spaghetti and roasted shrim

This dish is perfect for seafood lovers! Baked shrimps on a bed of spaghetti can be your comfort food. Shrimps can be a part of your low carbs diet since they are low in calories and high in proteins.
Calories – 312 per serving
Carbs – 14.9 grams per serving

17. Roots Soup:

roots soup

To make a big bowl of roasted roots soup you would need some vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, onions, etc. The natural flavors of this soup is super tasty and is also low in calories.

Calories – 267 per serving
Carbs – 23.3 grams per serving

18. Salmon And Asparagus:

salmon and asparagus

Your low carb diet doesn’t have to include only comfort food; you can make some sophisticated dishes too. A smoked salmon and asparagus bundle is the ideal sophisticated snack for you to indulge in. Easy to make, this dish can be stored in your fridge so that you can have it at a later point of time too.
Calories – 104 per serving
Carbs – 4.7 grams per serving

19. Vegan Cucumber Tofu Rolls:

vegan cucumber tofu rolls

Keep the bread aside and have some super delicious vegan cucumber tofu rolls. Just roast the tofu, slice the cucumber and roll the tofu within the cucumber. A toothpick in the center will hold it all together for you.
Calories – 156 per serving
Carbs – 10.2 grams per serving

20. Cucumber Caprese Salad:

cucumber caprese salad

Another dish with cucumber as one of its main ingredients! Increase your intake of fiber, omega-3 and proteins with a cucumber caprese salad. With weight-loss in mind, this is what you need.
Calories – 253 per serving
Carbs – 14.4 grams per serving

21. Tacos With Raw Walnuts:

tacos with raw walnuts

This Mexican-inspired dish has been proved to be helpful in burning belly fat. This low carb dish is made of spicy and smoked meat, walnuts and avocado.
Calories – 310 per serving
Carbs – 10.3 grams per serving

22. Buffalo Wings:

buffalo wings

Just because you are on a low carb diet doesn’t mean that you have to give up an all time favorite snack – buffalo wings. Just make sure that instead of frying or grilling it, you only have to bake it.
Calories – 377 per serving
Carbs – 4.9 grams per serving

23. Vegetables Wrapped In Chard:

vegetables wrapped in chard

Here is a dish which requires absolutely no cooking. Just prepare a dipping sauce and keep it aside. Now take a chard leaf or a lettuce leaf, fill it with veggies like carrots, sweet pepper, chives, etc. And wrap the leaf tightly around it.
Calories – 87 per serving
Carbs – 7.1 grams per serving

24. Ranch Greek Yogurt Dip:

ranch greek yogurt dip

Add a twist to your regular ranch dip by using sour cream instead of Greek yogurt. Add some freshly chopped chives, garlic and parsley and your dip is ready to be had with nay raw vegetable of your choice.
Calories – 93 per serving
Carbs – 10 grams per serving

25. Tater Tots – Broccoli And Cheese:

tater tots broccoli and cheese

Love tater tots but can’t have them due to their high calorie content? Well, then you need to try broccoli and cheese tater tots which have lesser content of carbs, calories and fat.
Calories – 36 per serving
Carbs – 2.9 grams per serving
These 25 recipes can make your low carb diet a delicious and healthy experience for you. So, the next time you are wondering what to make, try any of these dishes and be guilt-free while indulging in your favorite snacks and main courses!

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