How to Lose Arm Fat?

how to lose arm fat

Arm fat is embarrassing but it is totally normal. Yes, trust me, if your arms are fat, you definitely are not alone. It might seem a little challenging but eliminating arm fat is doable. Before we get in the nits and grits of losing arm fat, let me clear your doubts.

Well, it is frustrating to have excess arm fat as you cannot wear so many dresses without sleeves. Why? Because you need to hide your arms, right? But why? You should embrace your body as the way it is, this is what everyone say? Cutting the crap out, bulky body doesn’t look appealing even if they say you should learn to love yourself. There is no harm if you want to shed those extra pounds accumulated on your arms.

Struggling with your public appearance i.e. not waving high up or not clapping because people will see your heavy arms is quite common. But not to worry as toned arms are no longer a challenge to achieve. Addressing few little problems you have in your routine can bring a whole lot of change in your body. Let us see how.

Why Do We Get Arm Fat

Flabby or sagging arms may make you feel embarrassed when you wear summer clothes. Arms accumulate stubborn fat by eating more calories than burning. Having a 3500 calorie over several months gives a rapid boost to overall weight gain. Depending on the body shape, the weight is divided on different body parts of which, usually the weight goes on the abdomen, hips, arms, and thighs. Wherever the body has prolific fat cells, fat goes there.

Plus, too much consumption of white pasta, candies, white bread, soda, and baked goods take a serious toll on your body. Due to high sugar levels, insulin increases and when insulin level is high, the body store calories in the form of fats. And if you tend to gain weight on your arms, you will see them getting saggy including other body parts as well.

How To Lose Arm Fat

Alright, so now we will let you know two methods i.e. with exercise and without exercise to lose arm fat.

Lose Arm Fat Without Exercises

how to lose arm fat without exercise

Trying to lose arm fat without exercise might take time but the results are healthy and natural. Cut the sugar and junk food intake to stop weight gain not only on the arms but on the whole body. Without making changes in diet and adopting a balanced eating plan, one can never lose fat. Add proportionate portions of whole grains, lean proteins, and vegetables to get healthy body.

Before you dive in this whole fat losing process, be clear with your goal. If you are looking forward to shed fat on arms only, let me tell you this is definitely not going to happen. Losing fat on one particular body part is a myth and anyone claiming it is a fraud. However, coming back to losing fat on arms, it can happen if you control your diet. Including veggies and grains shouldn’t be a problem altogether, don’t you want to look good in summers in your favorite sleeveless top?

Cut down stress and sleep for good 8 hours. It will regulate your testosterone levels which proteins can also help in. Add eggs, beans, dairy food, fish, and legumes in your fat loss regime. If nothing of this works, you need to do workout to attain the desired body shape.

Lose Arm Fat with Exercise

how to lose arm fat with exercise

Losing arm fat with exercise is a bit fast as the whole body is involved in exercising. Including cardio is important when trying to lose arm fat. Talking about the effectiveness of cardio for weight loss, it holds much significance according to a study. It showed 141 people performing 40 minutes of cardio thrice a week were able to reduce 9% of body weight in 6 months.

Cardio activities include dancing, rowing, biking, jogging, swimming, jumping, and running etc. which are to be done at least 20-40 minutes per day depending on the amount of fat you want to shed. Other than cardio, try out these exercises with dumbbells and get amazing results.

Overhead Triceps Extension

overhead triceps extension for arm fat

How to do:

  • Hold the dumbbells. Stand straight with feet hip width apart and keep the dumbbells behind your head. Bend the elbows tight to your ears
  • Keep the elbows tight and straighten the arms to lift the dumbbells slowly upwards
  • Press your tricep muscles at the top and stop for 1 second
  • Now lower your hands back to the starting position

This exercise is quite helpful in shedding arm fat as the muscles involved here are lower back, abs, triceps, and shoulders. Follow these tips while performing this exercise:


  • Keep your neck in line with your spine and your back straight
  • Keep the shoulders down and back, elbows tight to head
  • Hold for 2 seconds down, 1 second and 2 seconds up

Standing Bicep Curl

standing bicep curls for arm fat

How to Perform:

  • Stand straight. Take the dumbbells in your hands and keep the arms at your sides
  • Rotate your forearm so the palms face the front and thumbs face out
  • Now bend your elbow and lift the dumbbells towards your shoulders
  • Press your biceps at the top for 1 second and then lower your hand back down so the arms are at the sides. Come back to the start position

This is another effective method to lose stubborn arm fat as the muscles involved in this exercise are abs, forearms, and biceps.


  • Always keep your back and neck straight while doing this exercise
  • Keep the arms tight
  • Lift the weight slowly
  • Hold 2 seconds up, hold for 1 second, and then 2 seconds down

How Long Does it Take to Lose Arm Fat?

According to the research, arm fat can be reduced within 4 weeks. Yes, that’s true. But wait, don’t be over excited. You can achieve these results if you follow a plan because every human’s body is different and of course, the results will also be different. Depending on the diet and workout, you can get desired outcome.

Initially, you should start with adding healthy food items and then slowly, make a workout plan. To tone the flab on your arms, a combination of diet and exercise brings out better results.

Losing arm fat within 4 weeks sounds unreasonable, isn’t it? But it is not. You can get toned arms with high protein food and right mix of strength training. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your summer holidays as amazing as you can.

So to sum up, we would say that getting rid of arm fat seems challenging but actually it is not. If you follow a set routine including your diet, habits, and workout, getting toned arms is your thing. A total of 90 minutes of workout thrice a week is enough to shed arm fat and if not that, cutting down on the junk and unhealthy food will definitely work wonders.

Sleep more, eat healthy, and get healthy body in as less time as you can think. The countdown begins now! Good luck.

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