20 Stone Lacework Blouse Designs

Stone Lacework Blouse Designs

Stone lace work blouses are popular for their aesthetic design and the full work on a blouse brings out the full potential of it to make it look grand. Full-stone designer blouses with embroidery can look stunning. Stone lace work blouses are fashion-oriented and can be the style statement of your designer blouse enhanced with stone beauty to match your personality. The pretty patterns are mentioned in the upcoming article.

20 Stone Lacework Blouse Designs

1. Coral Peach Stone Lacework Blouse Design

A deep V-neck is decorated with white stone lace including the waist. The sleeve of the blouse is designed with chantilly lace. It’s extremely stylish and will surely assist you to get tons of compliments from others.

2. Bangalore Diamond Stone Lacework Blouse Design

The Navy blue blouse is enhanced with diamond-like stones scattered on the body part and elbow of the sleeve. It is unique and the color combinations feel like a breath of fresh.

3. Orange Tapeta Silk Stone Lacework Blouse Design

Orange color is an ideal one for the lehenga. The blouse is created with stonework and it is beautifully completed with an embroidery pattern, this gives a grand and unique style.

4. Goldstone Lace Work Blouse Design

It is a simple and elegant style of blouse that match all type of saree. The neckline is established with gold stone lace with a short sleeve. It will be your exclusive collection in your wardrobe.

5. Crimson Bridal Stone Lacework Blouse Design

To give special attention to the wedding reception, brides can select this stone lace worked blouse. It sparkles your full day and gives significant look.

6. Pink Heavy Stone Lacework Blouse Design

A pink blouse with a dark green saree is the super color combination. The blouse is fully designed with small stones and gold stone lace. It will be the best outfit for all celebrations.

7. Black 3/4 Sleeve Stone Lacework Blouse Design

The entire blouse is decorated with simple stonework, the zari sleeve is attached, rest of the blouse is worked with a plain stone. It gives an attractive and good vibe.

8. Contemporary Stone Lacework Blouse Design

The back pose of the blouse is designed with contemporary lines. Every line is designed with stone and bead lace with row hangings. The hand embroidery sleeve is attached which gives a glam style.

9. Patchwork Stone Lace Blouse Design

Big stone worked flowers are studded on the back neck and short sleeve. On checkered pattern stone lace work is done on the blouse. It suits wedding occasions and will transform your look into something that you won’t feel before this moment.

10. Purple Netted Stone Lacework Blouse Design

The purple sheer fabric material is designed with white stones and embossed with dark purple thread flowers. The full netted sleeve blouse will shine your night parties.

11. Butterfly Sleeve Stone Lacework Blouse Design

Want to wear a different this time than the usual blouse design every day? Here the plain blouse has an overcoat in a butterfly pattern. The coat is embellished with stone lace and sequins let you look better than ever.

12. Heavy Stone Lacework Blouse Design

The sky blue blouse is defined with many things which include, threads, and silver and gold stones on the sleeve and neckline. It gives a luxurious feel and best outfit for grand occasions.

13. Peacock Embosses Gold Stone Lacework Blouse Design

If you are looking to explore more details in the blouse designs with stone work, then go with an embossed blouse. This can be very handy to elevate your fashion and show off your personality

14. Long Puff Stone Lacework Blouse Design

The sheer fabric sleeve is highlighting the blouse differently. The body part is fully crafted with gold stone and lace. It offers a fresh and trendy look when you wear it.

15. Elbow-decorated Stone Lacework Blouse Design

The plain blouse will always go superbly with a designer saree. It gives a variant style for your look. The sleeve of the elbow is designed with stones and a mirror giving a charming vibe.

16. Bird-patterned Stone Lacework Blouse Design

The blouse is embroidered with a bird pattern and it includes stone lace work on the back neck to define the shape and elbow too. This model blouse will surely enthrall everyone.

17. Geometric Stone Lacework Blouse Design

This yellow blouse is fully executed with stone lacework in a geometric pattern. It pleasantly goes with the lehenga and will distinguish your outfit from the crowd.

18. Heart Shape Stone Lacework Blouse Design

The dark pink blouse’s front neck shape is in heart, it is beautifully intricate with stone work and it should be present in your exclusive collections. This blouse is the perfect choice for netted dupatta.

19. Hand Embroidery Stone Lacework Blouse Design

The whole blouse is studded with white stonework. On the netted fabric this stone work will give stunning look and shine your style at nighttime parties.

20. Wrap Model Stone Lacework Blouse Design

The blouse model is wrap type. To highlight the pattern the stone gold lace is attached. Here the lace is defined with crystal stone hanging to give fresh appeal.

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