20 Latest Back Boat Neck Blouse Designs

Back Boat Neck Blouse Designs

Talking about the blouse design, you can make it in many ways. But nowadays boat neck blouse designs especially in the back are obtaining a lot of popularity as they come with a trendy and elegant touch. If you are thinking about the latest Back boat neck design ideas, then we have brought some such new models for you.

20 Best Back Boat Neck Blouse Designs

1. Backless Back Boat Neck Blouse Design

This blouse has a triangle shape neck design, the body is plain and the hand part is simply designed with dot embroidery work. Cute flower embroidery work around the triangle cut imparts a grand look.

2. Button Style Back Boat Neck Blouse Design

Create some magic with a button-type blouse design. It is a simple blue color blouse designed with a diamond pattern and highlighted with a back button which is a very easy and pretty design for any occasion.

3. V-shaped Back Boat Neck Blouse Design

Here the back boat has a beautiful V shape design. The full shape is displayed with a thick border of silver lace will help you to touch the latest trend. You can choose this to avail a new look.

4. Peacock-designed Back Boat Neck Blouse Design

This blouse’s back neck has a round shape and the most attractive look can get through the beautiful peacock design which helps you to attain a gorgeous appearance. Embellished with Kundan stone is perfect enough to get a rich look.

5. Net Back Boat Neck Blouse Design

It is a simple and beautiful net blouse designed with a zip. The whole bluish-green blouse is highlighted with a frill pattern looks so good and for sure, it will be your best party wear.

6. Diamond-shaped Back Boat Neck Blouse Design

The shape of the back boat is different and this small diamond-cut blouse with the button is elegant enough to wear for the festive season. You can have this versatile style for any occasion

7. Upper Bow Boat Neck Blouse Design

Here, the back boat is established with a big bow. The whole blouse is plain but given embroidery work on the sleeve end renders an elegant look. This fashionable black blouse looks adorable with an awesome boat neck.

8. Double Oval Cut-back Boat Neck Blouse Design

The beautiful blue color back boat is an amazing one and it has a double oval shape cut that highlights the back area. This plain dark blue blouse with its distinctive cut is flawless to wear.

9. Party Wear Back Net Blouse Design

Look at the pink beautiful strings at the back. This blouse has many horizontal cuts and the best part is the beautiful long cloth knots. Its unique design is perfect for any party wear.

10. Half Sleeve Back Boat Neck Designer Blouse

This simple back boat designer blouse with a cute back bow suits well for a white saree. The simple back neck is awesome and every woman will find it cool. It will assist you to enter into the present fashion world.

11. Black Netted Back Boat Neck Design

The color of the blouse itself bestows a trendy view. This blouse is designed with different cuts, two cuts with openings and two cuts with net-covered back providing a perfect fit for special occasions.

12. Deep Low-back Boat Neck Blouse

This new dress blouse idea has a beautiful frill design that can be seen on the neckline of the elegant boat neck blouse. The blue blouse is plain but the low bow gives it a lovely appearance.

13. Mirror Work Back Boat Neck Blouse Design

This is a basic and delightful patterned back boat blouse. Here the mirror work is used to embellish the full blouse with different colors which offer a magnificent look to your style.

14. Deep Sleek Cut Out Back Boat Neck Blouse Design

This bridal blouse has a cute sleek cut. It is perfect wear for weddings and receptions. Here the cut is embossed with a big cloth button on top and bottom. Simple embroidery work seems cute and can be used for small parties.

15. Flower-printed Bridal Back Boat Neck Blouse Design

The bridal back boat neck blouse design has beautiful flower and bird pictures. The fabric which contains embroidery work on the neck and hands border grants an amazing look.

16. Thread Embroidery Back Boat Neck Design

The ash color blouse is designed with contrast thread embroidery work and it includes small flowers and leaves that can impart a glam view and illusionary effect on the whole.

17. Eye Cut Back Boat Neck Blouse

This blouse has an eye-shaped cut boat neck with a different printed pattern. It is best for those who love to try new designs often. You may bloom your image with a suitable plain saree.

18. Back Boat Neck Design Blouse With Jhumka

Here the neckline and the cut are designed with white stoned lace. To make it more beautiful this pretty green blouse is highlighted with a white pearl jhumka giving an incredible view.

19. Tri-color Back Boat Neck Blouse Design

This is ideally different from others, the back panel contains an opening with a cloth button that holds two sides together and renders a unique glam to you. The horizontal tri-color blouse design is covered with silver color makes a style statement.

20. Peacock Embroidery Back Boat Neck Blouse Design

This back shallow boat neck blouse design has an excellent peacock embroidery design surrounded by leaves and the flower looks perfect for all occasions. You can have this yellow Kerala saree for the Onam festival.

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