20 Trendy Types of Saree Blouse Designs Patterns

saree blouse designs pattern

There are lots of varieties in saree blouse design and it often leaves you in confusion as to what to choose and what to neglect. Blouse designs are said to be an important element of the saree and lehenga. Without a perfect blouse, your saree won’t look complete and nowadays many top designers paid special attention to creating a unique pattern and design. A pretty blouse in a simple saree will make you ready for the party in no time. Presently, the fashion market is overflowing with elegant, vibrant, and most stylish saree blouse designs. To save your time and effort, we present you trendy blouse saree design.

20 Trendy Types of Saree Blouse Designs Patterns

1. Halter Neck Blouse

Halter Neck Blouse

Halter neck blouse with the excellent design helps you to look stunning. This design is always the best idea to have with any kind of lehengas or saree for any occasion. A blend of ethnic with modern, this attached halter blouse took your heart away as soon as laid your eyes on it.

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2. Jewel Neck Blouse

Jewel Neck Blouse

A girl who wants to look very stylish and different can go for this jewel neck blouse pattern. It is superb for day ceremonies to glow like a star. This stunning jewel neck blouse is what smart meets the ravishing look.

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3. Strapless Blouse

Strapless Blouse

A bandeau or Strapless blouse usually fits the body very tightly with no sleeves or straps without covering the shoulder. It is always a nice choice with a plain saree for the party. In the evening you wear a strapless blouse type to assist you to stand out among the crowd in a fancy way

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4. Cropped Blouse

Cropped Blouse

Cropped blouse helps to make your midriff area look fantastic and gives a perfect shape. It is suitable for the lady who is also fat because cropped blouse renders a slim look. This style comes under the trending saree blouse design which deserves a place in the wardrobe for sure.

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5. Collar Neck Blouse

Collar Neck Blouse

There is something classy about this type of blouse. Collar neck blouses are an excellent option for women with thin as well as long necks to deliver their attention. Looking for an option to complete the pretty appearance that you have been planning for a long time? The collar neck blouse is one of the smartest looks on the list

6. Criss-cross Blouse

Criss-cross Blouse

Cute yet sexy, this criss-cross blouse is definitely added to your collection of top saree blouse designs list. No matter whatever saree you choose, it will match with any type of saree or lehenga.

7. Off-shoulder Blouse

Off-shoulder Blouse

As innovation taking place in every part of the world, why fashion field should stay out of it? Off-shoulder blouses set trends nowadays and it well suitable for festivals or wedding seasons. These are the ones to opt for to complete the elegant saree look.

8. Long-sleeved Blouse

Long-sleeved Blouse

Long sleeves blouse helps you to be in modern which looks chic and classy also. Perfectly fit for all ages of ladies. If you looking for the trendy one for the pre-wedding function then this is the one for you.

9. Peplum Blouse

Peplum Blouse

If you have an athletic figure along with narrow hips, pick a peplum blouse that sits precisely on the waist. Peplum dresses, tops, and skirts suit all women as they accentuate the waist. It is purely for the funky girl out there who does not shy away from trying something new style.

10. High Neck Blouse

High Neck Blouse

High neck blouses go wonderful with casual, formal, and party wear sarees. Wearing these types allows you to get a fashionable look. This high neck saree blouse design helps you to be in a rich look

11. Crew Neck Blouse

Crew Neck Blouse

This trending crew neck blouse design is ideal for women who need to wear fancy ones without being too out there. Choose the one which matches you very well on your skin tone.

12. Princess Cut Blouse

Princess Cut Blouse

Slim-fit ladies to the little fat women all can look at this gorgeous and attractive princess-cut blouse. The curvature makes this princess cut fit much better than other types of the blouse and also it is very easy to wear.

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13. Spaghetti Strap Blouse

Spaghetti Strap Blouse

When you want a break from normal design and look for a fancy one, here is a spaghetti strap blouse for you that will give you a classy appearance. The thin strap in this gives more comfort in summer.

14. Keyhole Neck Blouse

Keyhole Neck Blouse

Keyhole neck blouse designs are boon for pretty faces. It is one of the great options for this who are very much conservative yet need to go for a style. You can choose this elegant and stylish way of this type.

15. Round Neck Blouse

Round Neck Blouse

Round neck blouse has given way to another fashion trend. This neck blouse is the best for those who need to make a bold entrance. Well suitable for all women and it is said to be great party wear.

16. Square Neck Blouse

Square Neck Blouse

A square neck blouse is a very much likable and also trendy design in the category of saree blouse back neck pattern. This style is good to have a fun time with your family at weddings or festivals.

17. Embroidery Blouse

Embroidery Blouse

Such a unique way of adoring your lovable person. This embroidery blouse design is one that never goes out of the fashion trend. It is going to make you the center of attention at the party when you arrive.

18. Corset Blouse

Corset Blouse

If you want to flaunt your beautiful appearance then go for a corset blouse. You can wear this latest saree blouse design to look irresistible and it is more than enough to amuse people at the event.

19. Angrakha Style Blouse

Angrakha Style Blouse

When you like to be a part of trendy and fashionista, wear an angrakha style blouse which looks sexy and royal also. It is fit for women who need to hide their extra fat. It has the power to do wonder if you carry it out well.

20. Backless Blouse

Backless Blouse

No woman disliked a backless blouse and it is very popular too. Own this one and leave everybody awestruck when you wear such a beautiful style. If picking the smart one is basically your style, you simply cannot go wrong with this backless blouse design.

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