Which Look Do You Prefer: A Girl With Brunette or Blonde

Just think if we would n’t have hairs on our head? Gosh! I really can’t imagine myself any good!! And what if we had option to colour our hair?? Now, this seems to be interesting!Hairs make our personality attractive. There are two in trend i.e. brunette and blonde.


Brunette is all about having brown hairs. Brown hairs are characterized with high level of dark pigment eumelanin and have low level of pale pigment pheomelanin. Brown hairs are mostly found in western world especially among central, southern Europe and United States. Brunette is feminine version and comes from French word brunet that means brown-haired.Brunette boy have you ever listened to someone saying like this? The answer will be no because brunette is used for only girls not for men or boys. Light brunette or dark brunette words are used for lighter or darker shades of brown hair respectively. People with brown hairs produce more skin protecting eumelanin and have more even skin tone.

Varieties of brown hairs:

There are different shades of brown hairs:

  • Deepest brunette
  • Dark brown
  • Milk chocolate brown
  • Medium brown
  • Walnut brown
  • Medium golden brown
  • Light golden brown
  • Light ash brown
  • Caramel brown
  • Lightest brown
  • Maple brown
  • Burgundy


Blonde or we can say fair hairs. It has low level of dark pigment eumelanin. The hairs look like yellowish in color. Blonde comes from French word blont which means color between golden and light chestnut.  Mostly found in northern European. Main reason for its occurrence is deficiency of vitamin D. Hair color is almost similar with their skin color.

There are different categories of blonde:

  • Blond: in this there are no traces of red or brown.
  • Yellow
  • Platinum blond: bleached hair are also called as platinum blond.
  • Sandy blond: grayish
  • Golden blond: golden yellow
  • One can change the hair color from brunette to blonde and vice-versa according to their requirement. One should select the hair color according to the skin tone which will best complement the skin and eyes color.

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