7 Best Shampoos For Lightening Blonde Hair

7 Best Shampoos For Lightening Blonde Hair

Color treatment exposes hair to a lot of harsh chemicals that lead to damage. Therefore, it becomes essential to use shampoos that can repair this damage. However, while using the shampoo, you need to be mindful as one wrong product can affect hair quality drastically.

If you have recently colored your hair blonde and the results didn’t come out as expected, you need to use the best shampoo for lightening blond hair. It is essential that the shampoo does not strip off the strands’ moisture and lock it in to prevent further drying.

You can find multiple shampoos that are formulated to remove and lighten the artificial color of your hair gradually. It lightens the color by neutralizing the pigments and reducing yellowish and brassy tones from your hair. Lightening shampoos are a great investment, and they offer numerous benefits.

If you are not able to find the best shampoo for lightening blonde hair, check out the list we have shared. All the shampoos we have listed are of high quality, lightening blonde hair and delivering astounding results.

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7 Best Shampoos For Lightening Blonde Hair

1. Best for Honey Blonde Hair: John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo

  • Citrus and chamomile are the two active ingredients
  • Chamomile is a natural lightening agent
  • Best to curb yellow or brassy tones of blonde
  • Features a refreshing smell that lingers with you for a longer period
  • Hair feels soft and refreshed
  • Free of ammonia and peroxide
  • It also includes silk proteins which make your hair look healthy and shiny

What We Don’t Like: It contains sulfates.


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2. Best for Dull and Limp Hair: Manzanilla Grisi Vitagloss shampoo

  • Chamomile Flower Extract is the major and active ingredient
  • Removes all build-up from the hair and makes it squeaky clean
  • It helps make hair smooth and shiny
  • It helps lighten and brighten the blonde
  • It enriches the hair color and makes it more vibrant
  • Suitable for people with damaged hair
  • Features lightweight formula
  • Adds volume to limp hair

What We Don’t Like: It features a strong fragrance from added perfumes so that it can trigger sensitivities


3. Best for Brunette Hair: John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Subtle Lightening Shampoo

  • Green Tea Extract and Calendula are the major ingredients
  • It helps bring out the cooler tones
  • Leaves tresses a gorgeous ash brown color
  • It works perfectly well to maintain my brunette color
  • It contains crushed pearl extracts, making hair shiny
  • The presence of sweet almond oil helps control frizz and adds softness

What We Don’t Like: It dries out hair in the longer run


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4. Perfect for Dry Blonde Hair: Naughty Blondie Blonde Enhancing Shampoo

  • Chamomile and lemon are the two major ingredients
  • It is vegan and 97% natural
  • It did not lather but cleansed hair thoroughly
  • It makes hair super soft and smooth
  • Infused with only safe and clean ingredients
  • Free from harmful ingredients like sulfates, petrochemicals, parabens, and silicones

What We Don’t Like: The scent might be unappealing to some


5. Best for Platinum Blonde Hair: Bold Uniq Purple Shampoo

  • Purple Pigment, Vitamin B5 are the two major ingredients
  • It gave natural-looking highlights to the hair
  • It makes hair moisturized and smooth
  • Free of sulfate, SLS, mineral oil, phthalates, formaldehyde, and paraben
  • Best for damaged hair and sensitive scalp
  • It works well for light hair colors as it removes brassy, reddish tones

What We Don’t Like: It may dry out hair due to the presence of alcohol and added perfumes.


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6. Best for Oily Hair: Intea Blonde Shampoo

  • Chamomile is the major ingredient that acts as a lightening agent
  • It is a safe and natural alternative
  • It gives a vibrant and natural-looking blonde shade
  • It contains active ingredients extracted from chamomile flowers
  • Free of harsh ingredients like ammonia, silicones, and parabens
  • Free of ammonia and alcohol
  • Safe for sensitive scalp
  • Pleasing scent

What We Don’t Like: It contains sulfates, so it might not be suited for dyed hair or dry, sensitive scalps


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7. High Smoothness: Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Keratin Smooth Perfect Micellar Shampoo

  • Instantly controls frizz and makes hair more manageable
  • Hair gets smoother, shinier, and easy to handle
  • Enriched with Keratin Smooth Technology and Apricot Kernel Oil to ensure long-lasting smoothness
  • Gentles cleanses while providing intensive moisture to the hair
  • Suitable for thick, coarse, wavy, curly, unmanageable, and frizzy hair

What We Don’t Like: It is pricey and contains SLES.



Now that you know some of the best shampoos for lightening blonde hair, it’s high time you should start using them to strip off the brassy yellow tones and bring healthy and shiny luster to them.

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