7 Best Blonde Hair Dyes for Dark Hair

Best Blonde Hair Dyes for Dark Hair

Dark hair is highly pigmented hair. Even though dark hair looks gorgeous in its way, the problem comes only when you want to turn them blonde.

Since coloring hair takes a lot of techniques, you should go to a salon if you are doing it for the first time. However, if you are well-versed with all the tips and tricks of coloring hair at home, DIY is a good choice.

At the same time, you must have the best blonde hair dye for dark hair to attain the desired result. You don’t want to turn your hair brassy, right? Therefore, the selection of hair dye holds an important place.

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Blonde Hair Dyes

With that in mind, we have listed the 7 best blonde hair dyes for dark hair that are good enough to lift several levels of melanin off your strands, giving the shade you desire. Check them out and choose the hair dye you think would go well with your skin tone.

7 Best Blonde Hair Dye For Dark Hair

1. 7-level lift: Permanent Hair Color by Revlon

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  • Comes with seven levels of lift, which is perfect for lightening even the darkest hair types
  • Does not contain damaging chemicals
  • Comes with an anti-brass conditioner
  • Takes only 25 minutes to lift color

What We Don’t Like: If you think of grey coverage, this hair dye won’t be a good use.

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2. Attain Soft Silver Blonde: L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Permanent Hair Color

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  • The fool-proof formula is easy to use to enhance your strands
  • The process is so easy, and the result is smooth color with good gray coverage
  • Helps achieve gorgeous, fade-defying hair color with dimension

What We Don’t Like: You may find the scent of this hair dye very strong.

3. Multiple Use Hair Color: L’Oreal Paris Couleur Experte 2-Step Home Hair Color

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  • Gives salon-quality highlights with a fool-proof and effective formula
  • Ensures all-over color and precise, even highlights in just 30 minutes
  • It can be used as ray concealer, root touch-up, brush-on highlights, temporary, permanent, and semi-permanent
  • color, ombre color, and hair color remover.

What We Don’t Like: Very limited shades are available.

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4. Dye with Liquifuse Technology: Wella ColorCharm Permanent Liquid Hair Color

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  • An ideal ash blonde hair comes with subtle gray undercurrents to get an incredibly sophisticated look
  • Developed with Liquifuse Technology for vibrant and long-lasting results
  • Easy to use at home with bottle application with gentle floral fragrance
  • Gives up to 60% more conditioning than other brands

What We Don’t Like: The quantity of hair dye is very low compared to other products at the same price.

5. Foam-based hair dye: John Frieda Precision Foam Color

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  • Comes in foam; therefore easier to apply than liquid and doesn’t drip
  • Spreads easily into roots and hard-to-reach areas for precise, all-over 100% long-lasting color
  • Allows you to achieve stunning color results very easily at home every time you color
  • Comes with nourishing, after-color conditioner which seals in color for long-lasting color

What We Don’t Like: Very limited shades are available in this brand.

6. Triple hair Color: L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color

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  • The formula gives you platinum locks without all the dryness
  • Offers 100 percent gray coverage for all hair types
  • The exclusive non-drip creme formula for gorgeous hair color from root to tip
  • A combination of ceramide, pro-keratine, and glycerin helps get rich color and revitalized hair

What We Don’t Like: Hair may feel dry but after proper care it is manageable.

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7. Gorgeous Blonde for Dark Hair: Clairol Nice’s Easy Permanent Hair Dye

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  • Leaves hair feeling soft and light, and the color is rich and vibrant beyond expectations
  • Gentle enough to use for those allergic to most dyes
  • Covers 100% of grays with complementary highlights and lowlights for an authentic look
  • Formula combines three different tones, so your hair looks dimensional and natural

What We Don’t Like: This blonde color is light, therefore, tends to fade faster.


The struggle behind finding the right blonde hair dye for dark hair is real. Firstly you need to look for the shade that goes well with your skin tone, and secondly, you need to have the product that can really strip off the high melanin in the strands.

If the best blonde hair dye selection is getting tougher, fret not and pick any of the products mentioned above. We have reviewed each one of them individually to make your search easy. Go for them and flaunt your blonde!

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