How To Do Listerine Vinegar Foot Soak For Soft, Smooth Feet?

A woman must work hard yet a woman must flaunt her soft and smooth feet in a pair of pretty heels. While some of us have our act in place.keeping up with their pedicure appointments, most of us are tangled in a cobweb of activities that always end up higher in the priority list. It is either a sick kid, an uncooked meal or an important deadline.
And one day, out of nowhere, someone seemed to find the perfect solution. As the likes poured in and the pins piled up on Pinterest, the Listerine vinegar feet soak garnered appreciation from various sources. The claims of dry skin falling off from the feet started doing rounds. However, that is not all. Some enthusiastic chaps went ahead and tried them and we were one of them. We were one of them. How did it happen? What we think of the Listerine vinegar foot soak? Read along, my friend and you shall know our verdict.

The Science Behind All the Speculation

Lukewarm water takes away the stress factor from the body. The slightly elevated temperature makes the muscles relax and that is an amazing feeling! We all know how soothing a hot shower is before ending the day and hitting the bed, do not we?

Coming to the other ingredients, Listerine and vinegar are the surprise elements in the recipe. Listerine is loaded with thymol. Listerine owes its color and smell to thymol. Thymol is a mild antibacterial and antifungal agent. They are supposed to kill germs. However, going by the composition, the thymol concentration is comparatively lower than the likes of Listerine.

Vinegar, chemically speaking is diluted acetic acid. Otherwise, it has the reputation of attacking the enamel layer of the teeth leading to cavities. An organic acid, acetic acid can contribute to exfoliation and softening calluses if the skin is exposed to the chemical for a continued period of time.

How to Prepare the foot Soak:

To prepare the soak, first of all, you would need a container, big enough to soak your feet comfortably. While aluminium and plastics were top choices, strictly owing to its easy availability, stone bowls or foot spa tubs seem like an ideal choice. To prepare the soak, you would need three basic ingredients, namely Listerine mouth wash (150 ml), Vinegar (150 ml) and lukewarm water (300 ml).

While the measurements have been slightly tricky to achieve and will vary depending on various factors, we give you the simple trick. Combining vinegar, the mouth wash and lukewarm water in 1:1:2 concentration seemed to work pretty well for us.

Here are the step by step instructions for the same:

  1. Fill the tub with lukewarm water.
  2. Pour the Listerine mouth wash and mix both of them thoroughly to form a uniform mixture.
  3. Then add the vinegar and repeat.
  4. The water should fill at least half of the tub so that you can soak your feet in it comfortably.
  5. Double, triple or quadruple the quantities depending on your needs.

After a tiring day, the tub looks so inviting. Twenty odd minutes did not seem enough for this kind of indulgence.
The Claims versus The Findings: Revelation Time
The claims of the dry skin peeling away just like that fell flat. The soak did give a nice tingling sensation, which was the best part. The pungent smell from the vinegar was a slight disappointment, but the smell of the mouth wash pretty much made up for it, only because we are fond of the smell. Post the soaking and the washing of feet with normal water, the feet felt soft but as explained earlier, no peeling off the dead skin really happened.


  • Softer feet
  • The fresh smell
  • The tingling sensation from the Listerine was a big plus.


  • No peeling away of dead skin
  • Falls incredibly shorter than its claims

Final Verdict and Decoding The Secrets to Happy Feet

While the feet smelled fresh and felt softer, it was pretty evident that it was ready for a proper pedicure. Here are a few other tricks and hacks that can further help you to achieve a better result.

For Calluses:

The foot soak has moistened the hard bits of skin on your feet. Coat your feet with some sugar and then use a regular pumice stone or foot file to scrub off the hard bits easily. This trick is particularly beneficial for the heel region since its difficult to remove all the dead skin.

For Tanning:

If you have tanned feet, then pout a tablespoon of Listerine in the bowl and mix it with half a tablespoon of coffee powder. Rub the mixture in your palms to warm it before you use it to scrub your feet to take off the tan. We recommend using organic coffee for it works magic in just one sitting. Pay special attention to the toes and the skin around the nails.

For Nails:

For your nail and toes, always apply some petroleum jelly around the region and then use an orange stick to push the cuticles and clean the edges of the nails. Always begin with the cuticles and slowly work your way around the nails. Then move to scrape off the dirt from the inside.
Moisturize heavily: Post the pedicure, you cannot use your usual foot cream to moisturize your feet. Opt for a thicker moisturizer or coat it with petroleum jelly. Then put on your warm fuzzy socks before going to bed.

Basic Commandments for Softer Feet:

While keeping the heavy duty pampering to a maximum of once every two weeks is essentially, there are some basic commandments essential for your feet on daily and weekly basis.
Always cut your toe nails straight. When they grow, they will get that semicircular curvy edge themselves. This also helps in preventing growth of inside nails.
Always take off your nail polish before it starts chipping off. That might be the chief reason why you may be feet look so unappealing.
Do not let your toe nails grow long. Once they start growing, it will retain water and it will slowly eat up the skin underneath leading to excess pain.
Pamper your feet with a proper pedicure both before and after a night spent in those killer heels.
Always moisturize your feet after a shower and before going to bed.
Sadly, even though the Listerine Vinegar Foot Soak is far from the magical solution it claims to be, it is a very good alternative to the good old Epsom salt foot soak and a very good beginning to a pedicure as and when you need.

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