Why Do I Have Red Hairs In My Black Hair?

Why Do I Have Red Hairs In My Black Hair

Discoveries have led to what creates those gorgeous ginger tresses. You know that coloring has been mythologized throughout history, but you may not know that for a long time, scientists didn’t exactly understand why some people have red hair even though they have black hair. How? For further understanding keep reading.

How Does Hair Color Work?

On a basic level, natural hair color is determined by how much melanin pigment is in your natural hair, and what kind of pigmented hair you have.

There are two types of pigment one is melanin and another one is Eumelanin, a dark pigment that can block UV light affecting your hair, and pheomelanin, a lighter pigment that can’t trouble your hair.

People who produce lots of eumelanin pigment often have brown or black hair and their skin tans or darkens easily when exposed to the sun. In contrast, people who produce more pheomelanin are usually blonde or light-haired, with lighter skin and freckles naturally.

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The Mystery Of Red Hair

So far, it is so simple. Someone inherits two variations of the gene from their parents or forefathers that control which pigment is in your hair and how much is produced. Those variations mean that the person can’t get or produce the dark pigment, and therefore they have red hair.

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Why Do I Have A Red Strand Of Hair?

If you have only one red hair strand in your black hair, that hair can be because of damage due to the exposing to the sun’s excessive heat or any other reasons.

There are chances that one hair strand got mutated and it does not produce melanin much because of that which is resulting in the dominance of pheomelanin, responsible for all the red hair color.

There is nothing much to worry about with that one strand that you have in full of black hair you can just pluck that hair from the root.

If you are seeing more than one red hair, in your bunch of black hair then it is the result of a genetic mutation and it may result in more red hair coming out and it need not be plucked. However, it is natural, but you have to dye or it is kinda difficult to pluck entire your red hair if you do not like them.

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Is It Ok To Have Red Hairs In Black Hair?

Yes, it is totally ok to have a bunch of red hairs in black hair you can just let it grow, or else you can do some precautions.

Because the main reason behind the growth of red hairs is a mutation of genes. Not only you, people from many regions different countries, and different colors, experience this kind of issue.

It can happen because of many reasons but here only due to the presence of one gene, MC1R, which is responsible for turning your hair black to red.

So, the presence works unevenly if it is just one gene however, if the gene is two in number, then you will have a lot of red hair on your head and body.

The dominance or mainly of the MC1R gene can be seen in people mostly from the Celtic region, who have all red or ginger hair exceptional people.

If you have more red hair than black hair, then just get them dyed or keep them as it is as some fashion out of your hair.

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How To Treat Red Hairs In Black Hair?

If you’re experiencing or facing the problem of uneven red hairs in your black hair, then don’t worry there are solutions too.

However, all the solutions are not permanent because red hairs also not permanent happen due to genes & it is not possible to control genes.

If you have a small number of red hairs that can be removed or rooted out then the best way is to pluck the hair out & it might not come again on your head.

However, if your red hair is in more numbers, where you cannot puck directly from the root you will need to either go bald, shave, or get your hair dyed. It will solve the issue within around 3-4 months.

Moreover, try avoiding too much sun exposure, or else it will be mutated, and chemical products & improving your food & nutrition might also be the reasons behind some of your hair being red in your black hour.

The best way is to accept your red hair and keep the red hair!

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To sum up, red hair in your hair is a matter of genetics, but not only that It also depends on your environment and climactic conditions where you live whether you are a regular smoker, or if you are often exposed to the sun directly.

So, there is not much to do, except trim it, maintain it regularly, and protect it from the sun or have fun and dazzle your red hair in your regular black hair. You can also dye it if you want it gone but be sure to get all the information you need before doing it so!

Finally, you can accept your hair as it is, and make it your own iconic fashion style!

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