Top 20 Half Saree Blouse Neck Designs

Half Saree Back Neck Blouse Designs

Blouses are now trendy in the Indian clothing market, as women are willing to spend more money on a blouse than a saree and want to look better than others. The back side is the most visible part of the blouse and is ideal for trying different designs. Here are some of the most recent features of the new pattern blouse back neck designs.

Top 20 Half Saree Blouse Neck Designs

1. Arch Shape Neck Design For Half Saree Blouse

This arch shape back neck design is not only a style but also grabs everyone’s attention and makes you look great. the most attractive part of the blouse is the well-designed chemki work on the arch shape cut open and a tie and hanging latkans.

2. Simple Embroidery Neck Design For Half Saree Blouse

The teardrop shape cut opening literally looks amazing with blue color thread embroidery around the cut open and on the sleeves. This half-saree orange blouse is a perfect match for a navy blue lehenga. This blouse keeps you highlighted with its charming design.

3. Pink Half Saree Blouse Back Neck Design

If you considering having a fancy and modern touch on a traditional blouse, this might reach your requirements with a back tie-up design. This pink blouse is decorated with Aari embroidery work and a cross-tie-up back neck design.

4. Yellow Embroidered Half Saree Blouse Neck Design

Having innovative designs on the back of the saree blouses judges you. So try this yellow color contrast color blouse on a maroon lehenga. This lehenga blouse comes with a high neck and a wide open back neck design with ties and latkans.

5. Aari Work Half Saree Blouse Neck Design

Here comes another attractive pink wedding half-saree and blouse. This stunning blouse is with grand Aari work of a peacock design and an open-cut back neck design. This back-neck design of the bridal blouse makes you look unique at your wedding.

6. Bridal Half Saree Blouse Neck Design

This is the latest arch-shaped back neck design for a half-saree blouse, comes with an Aari work design on a high-neck blouse followed by latkans which brings out the beauty of the blouse. To make yourself attracted to a function then you can go for this style.

7. Orange Puffed Sleeves Half Saree Blouse Neck Design

Most women would like to have a designer blouse for weddings and functions but for regular functions and even. where this orange color blouse looks amazing with maggam work and puffed sleeves on events.

8. Stonework Red Half Saree Blouse Neck Design

The strings not only look amazing on the blouse’s back but are also very convenient to wear. This blouse is specially designed for weddings with stone embroidery work. The bright red color is the perfect match for a beautiful bride who loves to wear a half saree at her wedding.

9. Hand Embroidery Half Saree Blouse Neck Design

This back neck design of a half saree blouse comes in multicolored thread hand embroidery work which makes you look more beautiful with a V-neck back design. This V slit has a tie and hanging latkans which are the attractive part of the blouse.

10. Kanjivaram Half Saree Blouse Neck Design

Blue is the Royal Shade as it brightens the beauty of your outfit. This is an innovative half saree blouse that exclusively comes with a back neckline in round cut open with borders. This red and blue combination blouse also looks amazing with elbow-length sleeves.

11. Pink Kanjivaram Half Saree Blouse Neck Design

Here comes the blouse with all-time favorite color for all girls with stone embroidery work and a square cut open back neck design with borderline. In this back design if a tie includes then this might have a better look to complete the blouse design.

12. Heart Shape Neck Design Blouse For Half Saree

This is a beautiful back neck design that looks awesome, as most of them find it cool with a cut open and a patch attached as a crown. This amazing brown color half Saree blouse with a net fabric along with a heart-shaped open cut grabs everyone’s attention.

13. Deep V Shape Half Saree Blouse Neck Design

If you love pink, this is one of the most beautiful blouses ever. The attractive pattern on this blouse distinguishes it from the others and lends it a lovely glow. Wear this rich backless blouse with an embroidery work design including strings attracts with an eye-catching look.

14. Semi-backless Half Saree Blouse Neck Design

This is one of the best fashionable clothing items for women if you need a designer blouse to go with your half saree. This gleaming blouse will set you apart from the crowd at any evening party. Wear it with a simple back-neck design with a tie and hanging chain.

15. Wedding Special Half Saree Blouse Neck Design

One of the most artistic views of a wedding blouse can be found on the backside of the blouse. It is one of the best blouses on lehenga, and its beauty will entice women to wear it. This strap shoulders blouse looks best with floral cream lehenga.

16. Yellow Checkered Pattern Blouse Neck Design For Half Saree

This yellow designer blouse has a wonderful design to it and is appropriate for all women of all ages. The simple yet stylish blouse features a beautiful sequin checkered pattern all over the body. This yellow blouse makes you look bright with its unique pattern.

17. Tie-a-bow Back Neck Design For Half Saree Blouse

Everything takes its time and evolves into something new. The younger generation prefers this style because it is quirky and unique. This type of half saree blouse makes you look traditional and fancy with Tie a bow-back neck design blouse.

18. Black Velvet Blouse Back Neck Design For Half Saree

This unique v-neck velvet blouse sometimes deserves special movements. It has a lovely pattern throughout the blouse, and the neck design is especially appealing. If you have a long neck and broad shoulders, this style is a must-have in your wardrobe.

19. Square Cut Open Blouse Neck Design For Half Saree

when it comes to designer blouses, this back square opening blouse is one of the best. The blouse neck features an eye-catching back neck design with ruffle short sleeves. this particular designer blouse is best in this category.

20. Back Button Half Saree Blouse Neck Design

This blouse design absolutely goes with the lehenga sequence in white. The back neck design goes with a simple pattern but has high demand with latkans which gives a classy look to the drape. This is something special that you need to wear on Mehandi functions.

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