Why Is My Hair So Dry Even With Conditioner?

Why is my hair so dry even with conditioner

A dermatologist advised that after shampooing, conditioner should be used for every hair wash. Conditioner is used to get moisturizer in your hair; it will make your hair silky, and soft as well as create space between single strands.

Shampoo cleans the build-up, oil, dirt from your hair, after applying conditioner makes your hair moisturize which will reduce damage. But some people can feel hair dry even after the conditioner.
We all have different types of hair and many kinds of conditioners, but we should know which one suits your hair to prevent dryness. In the below articles, will see the reason for this issue and get a resolution of dryness after using conditioner.

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Does The Conditioner Dry Out Your Hair?

Yes, there are many reasons to dry your hair after conditioner. But many of us suffer from this dryness; you may try to use more conditioner or adding hair butter which is not a solution for this hair dryness. Sometimes these remedies create worse than before.
Because of the greasiness in your hair, it creates tangles, which is very hard to face. Many of us make the mistake of parting rinse-out-conditioners in our hair, as we think this will moisturize the hair.
But this leads to the problem of stagnant product build-up in the scalps, which may be one of the reasons for dandruff. So, for this build-up, you use more shampoo and conditioner to remove, but it leads to the reason for dryness.

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The Reasons For Your Hair Getting Dry Even With Conditioner

1. Didn’t Use Shampoo And Conditioner Well

After using conditioner, if you are facing dryness in your hair means that you are not cleansed your hair properly. To resolve this problem, you have to use an effective shampoo to remove all the dirt and product build-ups.

The products of shampoo also maintain a natural chemical balance. After applying the conditioner as usual way and rinse it with fresh water for the best result.

2. Reason For High Or Low Porosity

The dermatologist suggests the porosity of the hair. If any fluctuations in the porosity of hair like low or high may cause dryness still after using the conditioner.

Hair porosity is about the hair and how your hair is observed the moisture or retains moisture. And there is a layer present in our hair called the cuticle, if it is affected, then only it causes dryness.

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3. Choose The Correct Shampoo

The important thing about shampoo is, it should not have residue which creates a block in cuticles and pores. The goal of shampoo is to preserve the natural hair and scalp oil which is used to maintain the pH value and healthy hair growth.

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4. Always Make Sure The Temperature For Hair

When choosing the shampoo, we should analyze the hair conditions, whether it is dry or wet. And the condition of the hair changes according to the climate.

If you are going to extreme weather, you should not forget to wear a scarf in cold and wear a hat on a sunny day.

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5. Concentrate On Styling Products Reason For Dry Hair

When you are using styling products like gel, foam, petroleum products, and curling custards , it will observe your hair moisturizer. They all are not framed for benefit of your hair so make sure the product should not spoil your hair.

6. Choose The Correct Conditioner For Your Hair

One should be aware about the choice of conditioner depends upon their natural hair. There are different types of hair like texture hair, curly hair, and fine hair. We must choose the right conditioner, which is suitable for our hair.
Do deep conditioning for dry hair. While doing deep conditioner for your hair, that time you do need to use normal conditioner. Gently heat the deep conditioner and massage it, leave it for 10 – 15 minutes, and wash it with warm water.
Sometimes you have product build-ups, chlorinated water, and deposits of hard water. You need to clean these things and naturally start to observe the good things present in the conditioner.
Follow the LOC method. It is a mixture of Liquid, Oil, and Cream for getting moisturizing hair. High porosity hairs have this problem of dryness because the moisture will go soon.
After washing with shampooing, apply liquid that means conditioner. The next procedure is to apply any oil. Mostly preferred coconut oil, which is best to use in the LOC method.
Apply this oil from the root to the hair tip. Finally, finish with the Cream which is formulated from coconut oil and flower oil. This type of cream helps you to retain moisture.
Hair washing day is a very important one, we have to spend a little more time to clean completely. Before going for a wash, detangle all your hair with a comb. Rinse thoroughly to remove all build-ups, cream for styler, deep conditioning, hard water particles, etc. These build-ups spoil the hair and create dryness.

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Prevent Hair Dryness And Follow Healthy Food Habits

Always focus on your food habit not only on the internal parts and but also on external parts like skin and hair. Take rich protein food and concentrate on choosing shampoo and conditioner. These things can prevent hair dryness a lot.

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