How To Sleep With Curly Hair Without Ruining It

How To Sleep With Curly Hair Without Ruining It

People are born with a particular hair texture, and usually, it remains the same throughout their lives until it has been played. Different chemicals and heat styling techniques are used to turn straight hair curly and vice versa. 

If you are fond of curly hair– either getting it from the salon or being born with it, it’s time to know how to sleep with curly hair without disrupting the style.

What Is Curly Hair 

Getting curls in the hair is something that people often desire, but natural curls come to those who are blessed with it by birth. It is genetics that people get tight spiral-like patterns in their hair, which makes it bouncy and beautiful. 

Irrespective of type, hair needs good maintenance to maintain the beauty of the hair texture. People with natural curly hair need help maintaining their hair. It is not like straight or wavy hair that can be easily washed, combed, and styled in minutes. The hair care routine for curly-haired people takes a long time or hours.

Curly-haired people often had the experience of going to bed with flawless curls only to wake up to a head of flattened and messed-up curls. Besides, tossing and turning in sleep could lead to breakage and tangles to the hair.

9 Ways To Sleep With Curly Hair Without Ruining It

People with curly hair need to take extra care and precaution to protect their lovely locks while sleeping. It is mainly because during sleep the hair loses its beauty and gets damaged. 

Here are the ways to maintain curly hair while sleep-

1. Side Sleeping 

While it is recommended to sleep on your sides due to health benefits, people with curly hair benefit from it equally. Hair experts suggest that it would be best if people with curly hair sleep on sides or stomach rather than on back. Putting weight on the head would crush the curls.

2. Hair Tying 

One of the ideas would be to pull up and tie the hair on top to avoid getting the coils crushed. Make sure not to tie it tightly and use the satin scrunchy to let the hair breathe.

3. Use Satin Or Silk Pillowcase

Sleeping with cotton pillowcases and bed sheets could create friction. As a result, the natural oil from hair is absorbed, leading to tangles, frizz, and loss of curls. 

It is when using silk or satin pillowcases helps retain hair’s natural oil and moisture, reducing friction and maintaining the hair’s structure.

4. Wearing Silk Or Satin Bonnet

Wearing a silk or satin bonnet has always been a night ritual for black women to protect their curls and keep them healthy. 

A bonnet is a hair wrap worn to maintain the hair texture during sleep or even throughout the day. The bonnet is usually made of silk, but the cheaper version can be made of satin. You can choose to wear a silk bonnet and use a silk pillowcase together; it is a personal choice.

5. Loose Bun

Loose Bun

Apply a leave-in conditioner before flipping the hair on top of the head and securing it into a loose bun with a scrunchie. It should ensure that the bun is not tightly done but loose so that the curls are not stretched too much.

6. Plop


Plopping is another curly girl method to speed up air-drying method or going to sleep with hair wet. It works out well for both damp and dry hair. Plopping can be done with either a towel or a T-shirt. 
Apply any hair gel, then lay a jersey t-shirt or towel flat on the surface and flip the hair over into the center of the shirt. The t-shirt sleeves should be tied in a knot behind the head securing the T-shirt head.

7. Pineapple


Many girls with long, curly hair like to tie their dry hair into a pineapple before going to sleep. You can flip your dry hair over and tie it into a loose ponytail with a scrunchy. 
Make sure to tie it loose, as a tight band could result in a headache. You could also choose to wrap it up with a scarf or bonnet.

8. Multi-pineapple

Having short curly hair does not mean pineapple will not work for you, you can tie your hair into multiple small pineapples. But if it is too short to tie pineapple, you could use a bonnet.

9. Two-strand Twist Or Braid

Doing a two-strand twist or braiding hair is another unique way of styling the hair before going to bed. You can do one or two strands of loose braid. 

People who do not know how to do braiding could also do two strand twists. It can be done by twisting two strands of hair around each other from root to end. This technique works best for curly hair.


If you have curly hair, it is always advised to make proper time and prepare for your night hair care routine for healthy curls. It will ensure that you wake up with fabulous-looking hair.

It is always better to remove clips or fancy ties from your hair before going to bed as it could also harm your hair. If you have healthy hair, it will be less hassle to manage the hair all day. 

Using hair care products like leave-in conditioners and light hair oil before bed also helps. If the hair is secured nicely, the less hair strands will rub against another follicle or pillowcase. It will decrease friction and the chances of mismanaged curls can be reduced.  

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