Why Does My Hair Smell Like Wet Dog?

Why does my hair smell like a wet dog

Wet dog smell in hair may be off-putting, but it’s completely normal. Even the most hygienic people can have dog-scented hair. Some may wonder, “why does my hair smell like wet dogs?”

The good news is that we’re here to help enlighten you if you’re one of these people. Several factors may be to blame, and we’ll explain them in this article.

Why Does My Hair Smell Like A Wet Dog?

Most of the causes of wet dog smell are biological: bacteria, sweat, infections of the scalp, etc. Here we’ll take a closer look at these causes to give you insight into why your hair smells.

1. Smelly Sebum

Wet dog smell is primarily caused by smelly sebum produced by the sebaceous glands on the scalp. Besides lubricating the hair shaft, sebum promotes health and shine by locking in moisture.

Well, we all know sebum secretion is a natural and necessary process in a human. But the presence of bacteria or the odors from the food you ingest can make it smell not good. As well excessive production of sebum can also end with an unpleasant smell, primarily when it emanates from your scalp.

Suppose you are not in enough control over your fried foods, garlic, and onion intake. In that case, it may cause smelly sebum production on your scalp.

2. Sweating

The second cause of the wet dog smell on your hair is Sweating. Sweating acts as an odor activator. When your sweat mixes with the bacterial secretion on your scalp, it emits a powerful lousy smell on your head.

So, if you’ve sweated a lot and smelled your hair with a wet dog smell, it could be the leading cause.

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3. Untreated Dandruff

Dandruff is one of the muddy conditions where your scalp sheds off skin flakes. These dead skin flakes can trigger scalp irritation, residue, and the productivity of bacteria. Hence, a foul smell may develop on your scalp if left untreated.

4. Use Of Hot Water

Don’t you believe it? Yes. Hot water is one of the factors that may contribute to your hair smelling like a wet dog. Hot water zaps your scalps’ sebum and shoves the sebaceous glands into a drive. Once it happens, your scalp may sometimes become oily and lead to a dreaded stench.

5. Mold Growth

Yes. The truth is when you have moldy hair; it becomes undetectable at the early stage. But it may trigger a lousy odor on your hair. Mold growth in the hair stems can cause a foul smell on your hair when it is wet.

6. Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance in a person’s body can lead to hair loss or hair growth in a woman. The leading cause of this could be stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep. Also, it can cause acne on the face. Sometimes, it may turn out to be smelly hair.

So, how do we get rid of smelly wet dog hair? Here we go.

How To Get Rid Of The Wet Dog Smell From Hair?

You know the potential reasons that cause your hair to smell like a wet dog. Now, it’s time for you to treat it and evict the smell from your hair. How? Here are some quick, crispy tips that act more effectively on your hair. Let’s jump into them.

1. Use Clarifying Shampoo

Shampoo is the first thing that could help you eliminate smelly hair. Clarifying shampoos works wonders for all hair types, but remarkably it works for locs. Thus, it reduces excess oil secretion and bacterial build-up on your hair. So, make sure to use the clarifying shampoo on your hair at least once a month.

Once you use a clarifying shampoo on your hair, you may notice some dramatic difference in your hair smell. So, don’t forget to try it on your hair.

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2. Dry Out Your Hair Completely

After shampooing your hair, it is always good to dry it thoroughly. This is because wetness in your hair may lead to extreme sweating on your scalp. This may end up with a wet dog smell on the hair. So, it is always advisable to wrap your hair with a microfiber towel, hooded dryer, or a blower to dry your hair.

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3. Use Lukewarm Water Rather Than Hot Water

As we said earlier, hot water can lead to a wet dog smell on your hair. Instead, shower your hair with lukewarm water.

4. Use Essential Oils

Try applying essential oils to your scalp if you don’t recognize why your hair smells like a wet dog. From lavender to orange, wide fragrant varieties are available in the marketplace. Hence, make sure to use it on your hair. Remember, you should dilute the essential oil with carrier oils like coconut or olive oil to guard against hair dryness.

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5. Treat Dandruff

One of the easiest ways to eliminate smelly hair is to treat your dandruff-filled scalp. Some anti-dandruff shampoos help in treating your scalp. So, don’t forget to try it out.

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6. Wash Your Hair Frequently

Washing your hair twice a week is recommended. This is because, sometimes, oil secretion and sebum secretion can lead to smelly hair. Hence, always wash your hair frequently.

If you are concerned about the wet dog smell in your hair, I would say you should follow this guide. You don’t need to stress or get embarrassed about your smelly hair. There is always a solution for everything. Try out the tips we’ve mentioned above and avoid smelly hair in the future.

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