7 Best Gels For 4C Hair

Best Gels For 4C Hair

Extremely curly hair comes under the 4C hair category. In such hair types, getting perfect hold and definition without crunchiness is tricky. Even though many products help manage 4C hair, most of them are enough to make a dent in your pocket.

Therefore, here we have listed the 7 best gels for 4C hair that suit it irrespective of its porosity. Since 4C hair is tight with a zigzag pattern that starts straight from the scalp, it is more prone to shrinkage. At the same time, 4C hair tends to be dry.

Understanding all these features, we have hand-picked the best gel for 4C hair that will provide ultra hydration and moisture to the curls and coils, giving them a soft feel and bouncy look.

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7 Best Gels For 4C Hair

1. Define Curls: Mielle Organics Moisture Rx Hawaiian Ginger Moisturizing Styling Gel

  • It is infused with organic ingredients that stay gentle on hair and help define it
  • Ensures crunch-free hold that stays for longer
  • It consists of natural ingredients like honey, aloe extract, and babassu oil
  • Nourishes and hydrates the strands and ensures frizz-free defined curls
  • Prevents sticky buildup on scalp and strands

What We Don’t Like: The gel may feel drying for some hair types.

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2. Ultra Hydration: Curlsmith – Curl Defining Styling Soufflé

  • It is a semi-solid jelly that moisturizes hair, giving them medium hold for styling
  • The unique texture provides moisture, bouncy hold, and definition to any curl type
  • It also creates a slight “cast” on the curls, which traps moisture inside and gives definition
  • Completely free of Sulphates, Silicones, Mineral Oils, and Phthalates

What We Don’t Like: The consistency is thick.

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3. Define and Defrizz: CURLS Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly

  • It stimulates follicles for hair growth and helps tame the curls
  • It is a curl-enhancing formula that defines them and makes them frizz-free
  • The active ingredient is castor seed oil which also promotes hair health
  • It hydrates the hair, making them soft to the touch and more manageable
  • Suitable for Wavy, Curly, Kinky, and Coily hair

What We Don’t Like: It smells over sweet to some, making it unpleasing.

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4. Lightweight and Comfortable: Briogeo Curl Charisma Rice Amino + Quinoa Frizz Control Gel

  • It enhances uniform curl formation, giving a perfect bounce to strands
  • The ultra-hydrating formula makes hair soft and bouncy
  • Infused with quinoa extract, keratin, and rice amino acids—it fortifies strands and increases elasticity
  • Antioxidant properties of certain ingredients help protect hair from free radical damage
  • The active ingredient is Polyquaternium-37, panthenol

What We Don’t Like: Hold is less.

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5. Extra Hold: NaturAll Flaxseed Gel for Curly Hair

  • It is hair softening gel that suits curly, kinky, and coily hair
  • You can get this product for flexible hold and extreme hold, based on your requirements
  • It adds volume, strength, and shine to hair
  • Made with organic flaxseeds
  • The active ingredient is Caprylhydroxamic acid
  • The formula is non-sticky and leaves natural hair feeling soft and crunch-free

What We Don’t Like: Definition is harder for coily hair

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6. Weightless Style: Ecoco Eco Style Gel Olive Oil

  • It is a weightless styling gel that gives you all-day soft, bouncy, shiny hair without leaving a heavy build
  • Made with 100% pure olive oil that adds moisture to the scalp, shines to the strands, and tames split ends
  • It is an alcohol-free hair-styling product
  • It is an anti-itch product, ensuring no flaking and no tack
  • Provides a weightless style and will leave hair with a superior hold

What We Don’t Like: It doesn’t smell too good.

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7. High Shine: Style Factor Edge Booster Strong Hold Styling Gel

  • It is an alcohol-free formula and is available in a variety of scents
  • It provides high shine and strong hold; therefore suitable for wavy, coily, and crunchy hair
  • Infused with Natural Camelia Sinensis seed oil that delivers textured shine to the strands
  • Also, it helps nourish healthy hair in the process
  • It smells amazing.

What We Don’t Like: The hair may feel stiff.

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These are the best gel for 4C hair, enough to bring softness, hydration, and bounce to 4C hair. With the right active ingredient and infusion of plant-based extracts, these gels will not compromise your hair health but boost it to help you obtain gorgeous curls on the go.

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