20 Natural Diuretic Foods

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Diuretic foods intensify the extraction of unwanted water content from the body.These foods could help you to scorch the ugly fat in the body by draining out the excess water content. These foods could also help to get rid of hypertension and unwanted water stagnation in the body.When excess water is accumulated, it will cause bloating of the stomach. People who are following a weight loss program can make use of this diuretic food list to confiscate the unwanted fluids from the body.

Here is the list of Diuretic Foods that could help you to maintain a healthy body:

1. Lemon:

Adding lemon to the drinking water will make the water taste good. This could help in bringing down the high blood pressure. This drink is recommended by the doctors for many medical conditions. Lemon has the ability to cure urinary tract infections. The juice of lemon could do wonders to the body, so intake of lemon pieces or juice is highly recommended.

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2. Oats:

Oats is considered as one of the best foods to consume to lose weight. Oats possess the diuretic property. It also has the quality of saturating the cholesterol level in the body. A bowl of oatmeal will be a better option to start the day with for people who are in the diet loss category.

3. Celery:

Celery is filled with water. It has the ability to hydrate the entire system.Not only the intake of water keeps the body hydrated but the foods that we consume are also responsible for the hydration of our body. If the taste of the celery is not preferable, it could be made into a smoothie or mixed with fruits and vegetables.This will add a boost of nourishment to the body as it will make digestion easier.

4. Brussels Sprouts:

It does not taste good, but it has an excellent spring of antioxidants. These help in providing the body with a protection to fight against an extensive range of disorders. Brussels is a low calorie food. Mixing it with other vegetables or integrating them with the main dish will help remove the waste water out of the body and reduce weight.

5. Ginger:

It is not an easy task to consume a lot of ginger. So, it is advisable to mix it with the cuisine or drink to gain the benefits out of it. It is also a successful diuretic foodstuff, which helps to jettison the additional fluids out of the body. Ginger also has many health properties associated with it. It is good to have a ginger root in every kitchen.

6. Beets:

They are rich in betalain, an antioxidant which is available only on selective foods.Beetroot can be consumed raw, grilled, boiled or steamed. Consuming beetroots will benefit the overall being for the body. It is always good to consume organic farm fresh beets, than preserved beets.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar:

It has many vital components attached to it. It is a natural diuretic by self. It encourages the body to take off the unwanted fluids out and promotes a healthier urinary function and complete health. If there is a problem with constipation, then apple cider vinegar is recommended. Though this is used in cuisines, it is worthwhile to consume along with water.

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8. Cabbage:

This is one of the best diuretic foods. It is highly effective in preventing cancer. Cabbage also has the power of reducing the risk of heart diseases. It can be consumed raw or in a soup form. The important point to note is to reduce the intake of salt while cooking cabbage, since it will reduce the diuretic effect. There is also a possibility of storing up of sodium when salt is added more to cabbage while cooking, which is not good for health.

9. Cranberry Juice:

It has the capability to cure a urinary tract infection because of its diuretic nature. The juice of cranberry also maintains the potassium levels in the body. Picking the right organic cranberry to be juiced is essential to get the most benefit out of it.

10. Eggplant:

This is a widely accepted diuretic food. Eggplants could cleanse the excess fluids stuck in the body. This could also be used as remedy for weight-loss. Eggplant water can be created by steaming eggplants in water and consuming the remaining water. It will prove to be a good remedy for weight loss.

11. Parsley:

It is rich in nutrients. This could improve the overall health of the body. It could be added to the water for a refreshing taste. If parsley could not be consumed directly, it can be added to the cuisine while cooking. It is also rich in antioxidants.

12. Water:

Drinking a lot of water will help to get rid of excess fluid out of the body.Consuming less amount of water will make the body to hold back the water. To upsurge the diuretic influence, juice of lemon or ginger could be added to the plain water.

13. Tomatoes:

It could prove to be a good diuretic food when consumed raw. The finest way to consume is to make it as a juice and add it in a hefty quantity to the salads. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which has the skill to prevent cancer.

14. Cucumber:

It is an extremely hydrating vegetable because of its high water content.Cucumber can be used as a detoxifying drink too. It will help in clearing the urinary tract infections. It is good for weight management and to keep a person energetic.

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15. Watermelon:

Just as the name bears it has a lot of water content. It will help the body to flush the excessive water and salt. Do not consume more of this fruit, as it will increase the glucose level of the blood.

16. Carrots:

Apart from the advantage of improving the eyesight, Carrots have other benefits too. Its skill of being a natural diuretic is one among them. There are different varieties of carrots, and baby carrots are advantageous amongst them. Carrots can be consumed in any form, as it will reap the same benefits and provide with the same diuretic effect.

17. Garlic:

Ranked as the best detoxifying agent, it also functions as an effective diuretic. It is better to eat raw garlic for better results or it can be added while cooking.

18. Green Tea:

It lowers the blood pressure and cleanses the toxins present in the body. Green Tea also boosts metabolism and upsurges the level of energy. It is also rich in antioxidants.

19. Artichokes:

They are good to be consumed for an effective digestive system. It plays two major roles, as an agent in reducing weight and filling the body with essential vitamins and minerals.

20. Asparagus:

This is one of the healthiest vegetables.In addition to its high diuretic properties, it is also rich in lot of nutrients. Asparagusmakes the urine smell more, which shows the link between the vegan and the urinary system. The antioxidants present in the asparagus will benefit the body in immeasurable ways.



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20 Natural Diuretic Foods
Diuretic foods intensify the extraction of unwanted water content from the body.These foods could help you to scorch the ugly fat in the body by draining out the excess water content.

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